Find a way

Many a time we feel lost, lonely and disheartened and in the process of it we loose the strong connection we have with our soul especially with oneself.

So here i am with my blog to share ideas,opinions and views to change our own perspective towards life,people.

There is always a way out because nothing is permanent is this universe and even bad times meet their end too. So be energized , stay positive and just go with flow thinking that everything is gonna be alright sooner or later.




Self Analysis

This is extremely important word because it defines your creativity and one sense judge your talent. Your ability to do things comes from the prior study you do before performing any task. Your understanding and decision taking possibility depends upon this word called “Analysis”.
Ever wondered why the y all have an analyst and paid high package in every field whether its a corporate world or banking sector or even in house. They are one who will keep a close watch on everyday flow of happenings inside the company. They are solely responsible for giving a detail report with not only the current but future consequences
by applying their analytical methods for the benefit of their organization. If given a major project to handle they broke it into smaller parts which makes their job easy to accomplish.

Why i am giving these example is to make you realize and understand that rather being dependent on others analyze yourself. Extract the strengths in you and point out your weaknesses and start working on it to conquer your own fears. This could be only possible when you do a self analysis and make a improvement day by day i.e “being the best version of yourself”.

When you grow yourself in the influence of it people around you will also grow.





Communication – The solution

sharing and having that one talk can make a difference

Communication is not just a two way transfer of ideas, thoughts, opinions rather it is beyond it.

It is a process of understanding the intention what your counter part is trying to say otherwise conflict may occur that can lead to bad consequences.

Try to understand and grasp what the other person is trying to convey, he may be right on his part just we need to into his/her shoes , analyze the situation and come out with an appropriate solution.

For example imagine how major conflict or misunderstanding may occur if there is a communication  gap between the management and employees which may effect the business as a whole.

Miscommunication in your relationship may lead to broke ups which hard to accept and even harder to come out of its memories.

So be kind, generous to others, maintain a good rapport with your peers, spouse because it hardly costs anything.

Have a good behavior and depict positive attitude towards others and others will respond in the same way.

“The way you talk represents your personality”.


Challenge your thoughts

The time i changed the way of thinking, improvise my thoughts life has taken a sea change.

  • Whenever you feel dejected , sad or encounter failure accept it, this is the part and parcel of life which is inevitable to happen and this is how life goes. You just need to be strong enough to come back with all your strength.
  • Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, be optimistic , just try once, you will observe a new individual emerging out from you.
  • You will be more happy, rejuvenate and will have full confidence in you to take full responsibility of your decisions you take in your life. You will be more open to challenges.
  • Listen to your inner voice , extract the capability you have and start working on it.
  • Positive thoughts will fill your mind with purity, make your soul feel free and calm.
  • Be proud to visualize yourself as a prominent personality and have a broader aspect of life.
  • Positive vibes will not only organize your current situation but also act as a catalyst for long run.

It all starts with a thought and ends with a decision.

Stop Being Average

The change must come within you.

You are talking about being average , people even start from nothing – zero level and go on to reach the peak.

Just change your state of mind and thoughts to bring that transformation.

You can’t change until you give your thinking a whole new direction.We all are given the same amount of time , energy and brain so there is no point of complaining about.

  • Stop thinking that you are average, say you are special. You just need that spark in life to do something different.
  • Engage yourself into some new activities beside things related to studies.
  • Read a lot to increase your knowledge base. Knowledge is power you know yeah right.
  • Think out of the box and don’t let anything deter you.
  • Start your day with a good mood and positive attitude to keep that energy alive for whole day.
  • Don’t compare yourself with anyone.Everyone has different stories and struggle.
  • You don’t need to be great you just be different and the rest will be taken care of.
  • Polish those unique skills, talent and display the uniqueness you possess to the world.
  • Always try to give at least 10% extra to increase your productivity and growth.
  • Come out of your comfort zone , push yourself towards that extra step and cross all limits to achieve it.
  • Change your habits for a better future and nurture the greatness within you. Allow it to come out with full potential.
  • Analyze , visualize and summarize your weak areas and work on it , keep strong with your positive points.
  • Overcome the fear that always torture you . Be hero of your own believes.
  • Surround yourself with good, intelligent and experienced people who always support and encourage you to your true potential.

Finally love, respect parents because of them only we are here.

Power of thoughts

When was the last time you felt proud for yourself? Just a minute you are giving it a thought. Oh common don’t create a doubt or be in state of confusion or dilemma to decide your own thoughts.

Remembered the famous quote “you are what your thoughts are”.

  • So why to create a illusion of cloud above our head. Why our happiness or mood depend upon how other think of us. Whether you are happy or sad, joyful or despair must hardly depend on what others perspective is.
  • Start your day with a positive note and instill your mind with positive thoughts and see how wonders work. Every time if any negative obstacles  you are faced with just replace it with powerful positive thoughts, which will boost your self-confidence, self-esteem trigger your mind to tackle the situation in a effective and mature manner.
  • Opportunities will come, it has to just open your arms to accept it. At times it will be rewarding at some it would be challenging, admit it. Have patience because good has happened and the best is yet to come.
  • Do not limit your boundaries rather break them and emerge out as a you have never before.

Be strong and gain the strength to demolish your negative thoughts and accomplish the undone.

Don’t just Grow groom yourself.

Life lessons

Expectations – Never expect anything from anyone. Expectation do hurts the sentiments and it becomes really difficult to think according to their self capability.

Don’t wait for the right time to come – Right time is never going to come rather we need to make our time good enough by changing our circumstances by either dealing with it or changing the habits.

Don’t settle so early –  Even an iron gets rusted when not in use.

So how can a human being settle without taking any risk and achieving unbelievable benchmark.After all we have ingrained with such divine force to belief and achieve whatever we can think we can do.

Keep on honing your skills, talent, improve your knowledge base , discover new capabilities and just move on in life. Don’t confined yourself and be trapped or lock yourself.

Learning from everything that surrounds you

Learning is a never ending process so what is stopping you from . Inspiration can come from anything from nature to individuals.

Commit mistakes and learn from it.

Everyday is a new challenge –Channelize your mind that everyday is going to be a new challenge so be ready to face it . Gear up to encounter with a positive mindset. Don’t let your past days haunt your future endeavors.

Alive and kicking – No matter what is happening in your life good or bad, happy or sorrow , delight or despair you must move on . There is lot more to come in your way so be prepared for miracles to happen.

Never let your past spoil your future

Past is not by which a people will know you. A bad past or wrong decision doesn’t mean it’s the end .  Judgment should be made on current situation because future belongs to them who have faced bad experience and learned from their mistakes.

Stay fit – Your body is a very important accessories, so do take care of it. Don’t you know a healthy body is a sign of healthy mind.

Think positive and believe in your thoughts.!!

How to be focussed

  • Know your intuition – It is very important to know yourself before you start anything whether it’s your dream or goal you have set in your life. Staying focus or motivated is a decision you have to make to ensure you are into right direction/path.
  • Be free – Yes be from others, we perform well when we have freedom to make our decision, without any peer pressure. We are actually at peak of our performance because we can’t be in a group always.
  • Distractions – Keeping away from distractions,negatives,hindrances is major parameter and aspects of life to be focussed. There may be people who will demotivate you just ignore them and remember they too are important in life because they are who will make you realize that you can surpass others.
  • Belief – Have strong believe in what you do and what you are going to do. It’s you and only you know that why you choose this goal and what you want to make out of it.
  • Learning from mistakes – As said mistakes/failures is the best teacher , it teaches you that there is always a way of improvement and one can come-out far better than this. After all “learning is a never ending process”. So why to stop??
  • Regret – Never ever regret what happened in your past because what you have is the present time , so utilize it in better,smarter and efficient way so that bad thoughts will in no way haunt you. Just focus on your current time as it will decide a brighter future.

Lets go for a simple comparison –

Life is like MCQ(Multiple Choice Question) based examination in which you are given with certain options from which only one is the answer , all other option are to confuse you . So be fully prepared before answering so that you always hit the correct one.

So likely is your goal you need to be geared up to stay above and focussed towards your goal.