How to be focussed

  • Know your intuition – It is very important to know yourself before you start anything whether it’s your dream or goal you have set in your life. Staying focus or motivated is a decision you have to make to ensure you are into right direction/path.
  • Be free – Yes be from others, we perform well when we have freedom to make our decision, without any peer pressure. We are actually at peak of our performance because we can’t be in a group always.
  • Distractions – Keeping away from distractions,negatives,hindrances is major parameter and aspects of life to be focussed. There may be people who will demotivate you just ignore them and remember they too are important in life because they are who will make you realize that you can surpass others.
  • Belief – Have strong believe in what you do and what you are going to do. It’s you and only you know that why you choose this goal and what you want to make out of it.
  • Learning from mistakes – As said mistakes/failures is the best teacher , it teaches you that there is always a way of improvement and one can come-out far better than this. After all “learning is a never ending process”. So why to stop??
  • Regret – Never ever regret what happened in your past because what you have is the present time , so utilize it in better,smarter and efficient way so that bad thoughts will in no way haunt you. Just focus on your current time as it will decide a brighter future.

Lets go for a simple comparison –

Life is like MCQ(Multiple Choice Question) based examination in which you are given with certain options from which only one is the answer , all other option are to confuse you . So be fully prepared before answering so that you always hit the correct one.

So likely is your goal you need to be geared up to stay above and focussed towards your goal.


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