Our perpetual mind

We humans have a fickle mind. Our thoughts, perception changes from situation to situation and that is why I think we are called as the statue of mistakes.

So it is very important that our mind is filled with positive thoughts, energy and embrace the ambiance of the results coming out of it. Though it doesn’t require regular but timely refueling and refining so that our conscious mind is piled up with positive, optimistic thoughts.

Installing positive vibes within your mind system is not a process but a regular routine needs to be followed in order to make it a habit and synonym to our body, in the same way, we need a regular bath to feel refreshed, energetic,  the daily exercises to shed the sweat.

In the same way, it is a practice need to be exercised so that we won’t deviate or make a layer of negative thoughts. Even if we have the power to allow negative thoughts on the contrary we have given the power to control/deter it from entering our minds. So next time be conscious and create a barricade before it happens.

The law of attraction explains the same that our life is what our thought process combined together.

Life is too short to think about bad thoughts, revenge, anger, jealousy etc. If you make a difference in your life then the world around you will be a better place to live and shine.

Don’t be bogged down by the pessimistic thoughts it is all because of the influence of our environment. Our surroundings play an important role in joining the dots in our lives and taking calculated decisions in our life.

There are thousands of great personalities who have changed their lives by changing their thought process.


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