Communication – The solution

sharing and having that one talk can make a difference


Communication is not just a two way transfer of ideas, thoughts, opinions rather it is beyond it.

It is a process of understanding the intention what your counter part is trying to say otherwise conflict may occur that can lead to bad consequences.

Try to understand and grasp what the other person is trying to convey, he may be right on his part just we need to into his/her shoes , analyze the situation and come out with an appropriate solution.

For example imagine how major conflict or misunderstanding may occur if there is a communication  gap between the management and employees which may effect the business as a whole.

Miscommunication in your relationship may lead to broke ups which hard to accept and even harder to come out of its memories.

So be kind, generous to others, maintain a good rapport with your peers, spouse because it hardly costs anything.

Have a good behavior and depict positive attitude towards others and others will respond in the same way.

“The way you talk represents your personality”.